Why Falnic (IranHP)?

“Where is the best and reliable shop to have a safe purchase?” Is one of the common questions that each customer will ask by himself, when they stuck in a huge range of choices. We declare as an honor that we can make real your best purchase experience and we listed some of our different features about our collection of online shop.

All our products which mentioned
All our products which mentioned on site and have Availability label, are really available and will delivered after purchasing immediately and also product price is always updated and reliable (except on suddenly price rising over 10 %, that we will inform you). You can also compare our products with other brands under 3 conditions: 1-original product, 2-valid guarantee, 3-some content of products.
Original products
Falnic Company is the main and biggest reference in field of distributing Original HP and HPE products in Iran and decisively assures that all products are 100 % original and conforming to main manufacture company.
Products delivering has done free and it takes 1 day on Tehran and 2 days for other cities for all purchases (if order has submitted before 12:00)
Protecting privacy, purchase safety and value added
Falnic Company (IranHP) has committed to protecting customers information and strictly denied to sharing mentioned information with unrelated person. This group has tried to make a safe online website to have a reliable purchase by receiving electronic standard certificate and appropriate technical field. with this technic you can benefits many elements such as: saving time, correct choice. according to buyers need, using discount electronic coupons, newsletter membering, be inform about last news of your related product.
Customers orientation and attention to customer’s complaint
Mentioned attitude will cause of highly effort in customers satisfaction and make it real with centrality of ‘’listening customers voice’’. Now a day customers can sending us their suggestion or complain about what related to our products via short message system by sending code No.1000 to +98 21 30008363. These messages will refer to management team, they will be categorized and then refer to related section. According to content of messages, related section has proceed a program and solve that after customers satisfaction ,complain process will be end. By using different elements and suitable fields, company has improved its services grade and successfully obtained Iso 9001 certificate and arrange different parts such as Ap Services Section examine and polling, Culture and train section.
Information, simple purchase process and complementary advice
Main basic of Falnic (IranHP) in cyberspace is only awareness and informing Customers and prepare a suitable space to simply receiving information although customers have other purchase choice by reading related information .we only try to inform our customers .this is our mission so we have designed a advising part on our website that can present consulting services to anyone who need information about our products.

Our after-sales service center

Falnic (Iran HP), based on features such as sufficient space, expert staff, sufficient equipment and rich spare parts warehouse, has provided after-sales service with quality and warranties on the following product categories

Server, Storage and other network equipment (HP brand only)
 Printers, plotters, faxes and other office machines (all brands)
Laptops, tablets, PCs, workstations and boards (all brands)

Falnic (Iran HP), also is a warranty provider with Falnic authenticity (Iran HP) on all of the products of HP Commodity Basket

Investment Participation

The positive outlook of Falnic Company from the view of the potential of experienced employees and expanding environment has opened this opportunity for Falnic Corporation, so they can expand their activities more and more in international scale. In this regard, Falnic Company (Iran HP) is ready to cooperate with companies which want to invest in after-sales service in Iran

In the case that you are interested in participating and investing in Falnic (Iran HP), contact us right now.

IRANHP | Falnic +982188840081

Our mission statement is:
Create Delightful Experiences for Customers around the world by Agile and Innovative Humans
Records and popularity
Falnic Company (IranHP) has started working from 1995 and 2005 is the establishment of online store so customers can purchased with confidence from this stable and good reputation reference.
Product returns policy and guarantee
All products which purchased online include ‘’Testing Term’’; in case of break or any other damages and trouble will be changed unconditionally. After passing test term duration, we have present product guarantee which it has 1 to 3 years duration and it will be different for any type. All damages and troubleshooting will be solved by changing or part replacement. it is necessary to inform that after guarantee expiration, buyer could obviate their product by changing or part replacement. it is necessary to inform that after guarantee expiration, buyer could obviate their products problem only by used part payment and benefit from after purchasing services. Meanwhile, supplying consuming products (cartridge, head, …) aren’t part of guarantee Services.
Management Attitude
Over the years of beginning activity of company and saving precious experience management team and personnel together have received to a high goal which is best customers experience. This attitude will decrease haggling over the price and satisfaction because costumers will understand that seller always is programming to achieve more than what customers need.

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