What falnic (Iran Hp) can do for you:

From providing IT supplements to their support and guaranty

From honest advice and design to run and implement

And from minor repair to periodic service and equipment maintenance, we are all beside you.

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Creating a pleasure experiences for customers all over the world with innovative and agile people is our slogan.

We will do our best to achieve this great goal.

What we are able to do for you:

The valid products in HP brand

We provide and support the products of enormous American corporation, HP.

Provide IT equipment

From home products such as laptop and printer to high-tech office products, especial for organizations; like server, storage and network equipment.

Official guaranty of HP

With the permission of Consumer Protection Organization, We provide all of HP products with an official warranty.

With you after your purchase

We are with you even after completing the warranty and we make you feel comfortable with our support.

Experienced technicians

Experts and technicians located at our repair center are ready to troubleshoot and fix your IT equipment.

Equipped repair center

Our central workshop with an area of over 600 meters beside specialist and specialized equipment are ready to provide from minor to specialist repairs to your demands.

Professional Consultation

To buy a product or a service or start a project, we advise you for free to get the best and most suitable choices.

Running large projects

We provide from 0 to 100 of large projects, from hardware and software equipment to training and supporting.

We have served more than


public and private clients

We have sent over


factors and pre – factors

We have been here for



Since 1374

We have


years of website and internet sales

Since 2003




we have the symbol of e-trust.
Since 1391

We have offered more than


types of products and services.

Falnic story (Iran HP)

Our story begins when a 22 years old boy entered to the computer sales market since 74, and chose the name of Falnic for the company of his dreams.

Six years later, with the boom in the business of importing and selling computer parts, falnic was officially registered.

At this time, Falnic had a team of three. In the year 81, due to the good sales of HP MX70, Falnic decided to sell other products from this reputable company and began its specialized work on HP products.

In the year 82, the website iranhp.ir was established and in following year, its online store opened.

Falnic (Iran HP) was the first Persian language website for HP products and it was one of the first IT specialist online stores of that era.

In the year 84, with the addition of server products and HP equipment to the HP Online Store, the full portfolio of HP products in Iran was formed, and Falnic team number (Iran HPP) became 13.

In less than 2 years, Falnic Service Center (Iran HP) was launched.

Along with the strengthening of sales and after sales services, a special 4-digit 8363 special line, automatic SMS system and the first package of warranty and insurance for electronic equipment were unveiled.

Growth of company continued to reach 28 persons by the year 90.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM, the customer management software was localized to streamline processes and increase sales rates of company.

In the year of 1992, we were able to obtain the privileged position in the field of after sales services in the verification of Information Industry Organization.

We also received the electronic trust certificate with the official license of Internet activity, from Tehran Electronics Technology Union, and also the IT manufacturing license.

In the year 94, we established a new and well equipped after sales services of Falnic (Iran HP) and obtained official warranty of HP products in Iran from the Consumer Protection and Producers Rights Organization.

At the end of 94, we celebrated the 20th anniversary of Falnic (Iran HP), and our team reached to 40.

And today, in the year of 96, we are experiencing the expansion of our single-person team to more than 42 people, and in the past years we had successfully served over 30,000 customers.

In this regard, one of the impressive successes of our hard-working and creative team was the record of 2,500 server configurations and more than 3,000 pre-factors that occurred in 95

Falnic route (Iran Hp) from the beginning to the present

Many love to be Iran HP!

The tradition of being imitated, the theft of ideas and the violation of the rights of market leaders in developed countries has been limited by setting up strict laws and severe penalties, but in our country, the lack of such laws is still Prevalence.

Some newcomers not only violate Intellectual Property Rights of HP, but also step up and name themselves HP or its agent.

However, Falnic (Iran HP) always moves on the path of innovation, and is not worry about imitation of its highlighted performance. It even considers these types of activities as a motivation to keep on its path to success.

But the problem starts from where some do something immoral and unprofessional...


Customer Protection System

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Falnic (Iran HP) team

  • Gholam Hossein BashirnejadGholam Hossein BashirnejadManaging Director
  • Mohammad Mehdi MousavianMohammad Mehdi MousavianSales Manager
  • Hossein AgharazaiHossein AgharazaiIT Manager
  • Abbas HaddadiAbbas HaddadiFinancial Manager
  • Davood ArbatiDavood ArbatiProcurement Manager
  • Shahdad ShahlaShahdad ShahlaContact Center Manager
  • Reza KazemiReza KazemiContent & Social Media Manager
  • Elahe JalaliElahe JalaliCRM Expert
  • Neda HabibollahNeda HabibollahCRM Manager
  • Fatemeh RaeisiFatemeh RaeisiCRM Manager
  • Neda IzadikhahNeda IzadikhahWebsite Operator
  • Amir Hossein LassaniAmir Hossein LassaniWebsite Operator
  • Maryam FaghihiMaryam FaghihiContent Expert
  • Zahra CheginiZahra CheginiContent Expert
  • Zahra MiriZahra MiriContent Expert
  • Ali PilevarAli PilevarGraphic Designer
  • Akram BaghaAkram BaghaAndroid Programmer
  • Farzaneh DadashiFarzaneh DadashiFront-End Developer
  • Somayeh ArabiSomayeh ArabiSEO Expert
  • Hazhir BakhishiHazhir BakhishiSenior Devops Engineer
  • Sanaz Taghi BeigiSanaz Taghi BeigiSales Expert
  • Behnaz RahmatiBehnaz RahmatiSales Expert
  • Najmeh AzadianNajmeh AzadianSales Expert
  • Soheila RahimiSoheila RahimiSales Expert
  • Zahra BaheiraeiZahra BaheiraeiSales Expert
  • Fahimeh BashirnezhadFahimeh BashirnezhadMarketing Expert
  • Negar FarjadiniaNegar FarjadiniaOffice Manager
  • Niloofar MesgarzadehNiloofar MesgarzadehContact Center Expert
  • Mohammad NiazdaranMohammad NiazdaranContact Center Supervisor
  • Bahareh MoghadamiBahareh MoghadamiContact Center Expert
  • Fatemeh AbedFatemeh AbedContact Center Expert
  • Parichehr Saleh DavoodiParichehr Saleh DavoodiContact Center Expert
  • Mahya NafariyehMahya NafariyehContact Center Expert
  • Maral MoomivandMaral MoomivandContact Center Expert
  • Mehdi BakhtiariMehdi BakhtiariSupport Expert
  • Samira SafarkhaniSamira SafarkhaniOperations Clerk
  • Zahra EsmaeiliZahra EsmaeiliOperations Clerk
  • Fatemeh Haji AghaeiFatemeh Haji AghaeiOperations Clerk
  • Behnaz BakhshiBehnaz BakhshiAccountant
  • Saeed KhosrooabadiSaeed KhosrooabadiAccountant
  • Mahshid ShahrabiMahshid ShahrabiAccountant
  • Rohallah DerafshiRohallah DerafshiStorekeeper
  • Mahan Kia PashaMahan Kia PashaStorekeeper
  • Reyhaneh QamarianReyhaneh QamarianAdmissions Director
  • Zahra TabatabaiZahra TabatabaiClerk
  • Javad MohammadianJavad MohammadianExpert Repair of Printers
  • Zahra DashtiZahra DashtiCustomer Service Representative
  • Sedighe ChinizadehSedighe ChinizadehExpert Repair of Printers
  • Reza HakimiReza HakimiNotebook Service
  • Ali KazemiAli KazemiCustomer Service Representative
  • Masoud SouriMasoud SouriCustomer Service Representative
  • Hasan RoshandelHasan RoshandelExpert Repair of Server
  • Omid ShokriOmid ShokriExpert Repair of Server
  • Mehdi KhoshnoudMehdi KhoshnoudServices Employee
  • Saeid BolhasaniSaeid BolhasaniServices Employee
  • Alireza SaelanAlireza SaelanServices Employee
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